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Welcome to the new sign up menu.  From this view you can login, sign up, or contact us!  In the unlikely event you loose your password you can create a new one.  It all starts with a new sign up feature.  Even if you  have accessed the TPC Directory before, you will have to create a profile that will give you the ability to change your family information.  This way your contact information will always be up to date.

1. Sign Up

Before you can use the TPC Directory App you must sign up in this new version.


1. You will need to get the account number from your coordinator at your church.


2.  An email that you can use to activate your new profile.


3. An easy to remember password for your profile.


4. Tap the submit button on top right corner.

5. After submitting this Information you will see your profile or you will be asked to fill-out your profile information and upload a photo.


6.  When all required fields are filled correctly and submitted, you will see a notification to check your email to activate your account/profile.  After this you should be able to login.


The church is responsible for all approved changes.

2. Login

To Login to your account you will need:


1. Your account number from your coordinator at your church.


2. The email you signed up with in an earlier step.


3. Finally your password you used to create your profile.


4. Tap the submit button on top right corner.

3. Profile

Under the Profile tab, you can edit your families information.  Once you submit a change, you will see a green pending at the top of your profile.  Please be patient because your changes have to be approved by a church administrator before the changes will take effect.  This being a new feature may take some time for this to be accomplished.

4. Forgot Password

If you forget your password after your account has been activated, you can go to the forgot password tab. You will receive and email to help reset your password.

5. Contact

You can always contact us through the Contact Tab.  You don't have to be login to contact us but you will need your account number for us to assist you speedily.



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